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Friday, 27 November 2009

FICTION & Graphic Imagination 


Mary Kelly
Post-Partum Document: Documentation II
Analysed Utterances and Related Speech Events
, 1975

New Brief: 

Create a single sheet A1 'VISUAL DOCUMENT that is an experimental A1 Bibliography - a visual LIST and a Typographic document of the writers and literature you have used so far - including examples and including your own cut up Creative writing. Also include for extra text extracts of a brief evalutation or evaluative sentences - process' and feelings of work so far - experiment with drawn and 'organic' shapes. Printing methods,  photocopying tones etc - textures for a SUBTLE background ? and tonal values.

Your text and composition can be experimental and used editorially if you wish =- as in a layout  = and have some accompanying visuals - try to keep it simple palette, two colour or even black and white - so you focus on FORM and lineage / composition - positive and negative space etc ( dont get too focused on your KEY - that can wait )

This is a kind of mapping if you like, of your learning experience and importantly your research.

You must include;

 1.  A BIBLIOGRAPHY on / in  the layout - all boks - artists , magazines , articles referenced 
..  using Two fonts only - use the Family for variety.

2. Show examples / lists of the writers that fit with your previous exercises ie confession cut up, anthropomorphic amalgam & juxtaposition.

3. A rough key to the writers work / text referenced and in your layout - coded or by Font ? - it may be complex and interesting - and can be vague ?  go for expression over Logic on this one - enjoy it - and keep suprising me ! DEADLINE   this thursday 3rd Dec 10.30 am Pin UP   room 310 

Helen Murgatroyd lecture for my small group of Yr 2 in my workshop 2pm Tuesday Dec 1st

Look at these classic pieces by Mary Kelly - research her work

( Very top image and some below)
Mary Kelly
Post-Partum Document: Documentation V
Classified Specimens, Proportional Diagrams
Statistical Tables, Research and Index 
, 1977
Perspex units, white card, wood, paper, ink, mixed media
3 of the 33 editioned units,

and Tom Phillips on project  ;  slideshow 
http://humument.com/gallery/slideshow.html HUM(an doc)UMENT Document 


Ms Kristina Voll ( yr 2 )

w  i  l  l  i  a  m     b  u  r  r  o  u  g  h  s

This workshop will investigate areas of creative writing and lyrical language. Scripts, literature, prose, poetry. You will create paper and digital responses that explore juxtaposition- harmony & friction- the relationships between words, meaning, metaphors, mixing genres, images and narrative styles. We will create an 'Online blog' and print based very limited edition ZINE.

Yr 2 Workshops in text and Image Juxtaposition Play - Meaning -Type -Language
Tutor ;  Mack Manning
Room 310

This workshop will investigate areas of Creative Writing and lyrical language.
Scripts, Literature, Prose, Poetry .You will create paper and digital responses that explore juxtaposition – harmony & Friction - the relationships between words, meaning metaphors, mixing genres, images and narrative styles.

Stage one / Books and Writers

Week 1
10am Briefing and All Saints Library visit and Blackwells bookshop, Select sample texts - research and peer discussion of selected styles, concepts and authors like; nb ( Completed )

Ivor Cutler try this text / song ...  'Im walking to a farm' ..

Life in a Scotch Sitting room from Jammy Smears 
Ivor Cutler – Life In A Scotch Sittingroom #2 Episode 6    its a Spotify link if you have it 

Benjamin Zephaniah, Edwin Morgan David Peace, Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood' , Bob Cobbing, subvert Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, 

read some Will Self, William Burroughs, Carol Ann Duffy - Lyricsts like ; Dana Bryant, Jean Binta Breeze, 1970s Bowie and Ian Dury

   ( Images above Author Sam Beckett, Barney Bubbles Paste up for Ian Dury Album artwork )

11.30 Exercise one :  Subversion

Deconstruct / Cut up sentences from an ANTHROPOMORPHIC piece of narrative i.e Beatrix Potter, Rupert Bear or any Victorian childrens books ( second hand shops ) - create a HYBRID structure.Distort and alter meaning by INTERLACING an OPPOSITE text – ie an adult text, a Biology text book, an Instructive text eg a Cook Book

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