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Sunday, 1 November 2009

INKLING Fiction & Graphic imagination

New Brief: FICTION & Graphic imagination.

This workshop will investigate areas of creative writing and lyrical language. Scripts, literature, prose, poetry. You will create paper and digital responses that explore juxtaposition- harmony & friction- the relationships between words, meaning, metaphors, mixing genres, images and narrative styles. We will create an 'Online blog' and print based very limited edition ZINE.

Paolozzi collage his own 'Cubomania'

Yr 2 Weekly Workshops in text and Image Juxtaposition Play - Meaning -Type -Language
Tutor ;  Mack Manning
Room 310

This workshop will investigate areas of Creative Writing and lyrical language.
Scripts, Literature, Prose, Poetry .You will create paper and digital responses that explore juxtaposition – harmony & Friction - the relationships between words, meaning metaphors, mixing genres, images and narrative styles.

Stage one / Books and Writers

Week 1
10am Briefing and All Saints Library visit and Blackwells bookshop, Select sample texts - research and peer discussion of selected styles, concepts and authors like; nb ( Completed )

Try some Prose by Selima Hill http://www.contemporarywriters.com/authors/?p=auth191

Ivor Cutler try this text / song ...  'Im walking to a farm' ..


Beautiful Cosmos   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x9OVIuboy4&feature=related

Life in a Scotch Sitting room from Jammy Smears 
Ivor Cutler – Life In A Scotch Sittingroom #2 Episode 6    its a Spotify link if you have it 

Benjamin Zephaniah, Edwin Morgan David Peace, Dylan Thomas, Bob Cobbing, Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, Will Self, William Burroughs, Carol Ann Duffy

11.30 Exercise one :  Subversion

Deconstruct / Cut up sentences from an ANTHROPOMORPHIC piece of narrative i.e Beatrix Potter, Rupert Bear or any Victorian childrens books ( second hand shops ) - create a HYBRID structure.

Distort and alter meaning by INTERLACING an OPPOSITE text – ie an adult text, a Biology text book, an Instructive text eg a Cook Book

Yellow Pages advert text with Mills & Boon Pulp Romance text

then invent your own – Surprise me ! email me samples of ODD marriages that make NEW fiction – send me work by Monday 10am …. Or a link to your BLOG


Present experiments and Deconstructed Cut Up texts  / analysis of work

Begin Visual compositions and  experiments 

Cubomani in which a picture or image is cut into squares and the squares are then reassembled without regard for the image. The technique was first used by the Romanian surrealist Gherasim Luca - LOOK here  http://languageisavirus.com/  

        'Echo Poems' and methods used by Concrete Poets and CUT _ UP technique applies the same method - an amalgam of variety and meaning 
In the graphic In the novel Watchmen , Protagonist Ozymandias watches banks of television sets, with each TV set to different channels, to enable subliminal 'osmosis' visions of the future to feed through  the viewer. So cut up can be seen as far more than scissors and paper - Is it not the actual cut up of meaning and media ? - you do it each time you flick through your TV channels - the skill is to manage the disorder and 'steer' the work - to embed new possible meaning - random or deliberate - evoke a sense of something in words or image (mm) 

Try the 'Cut up Machine here http://www.languageisavirus.com/cutupmachine.html

Workshop student Blogs so far 
Phoebe Sing  http://phoebesing.blogspot.com/

Kristina Voll   http://malenundbastelninmanchester.blogspot.com/


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  2. http://arceditions.com/Artists/Sam-Winston/Made-up-True-Story

    Some work by Sam Winston that is quite relevant and also really nice!

    "Sam Winston, who also wrote/illustrated this work presents some ideas on the project he has been working on for the last three years.

    Winston’s experiments came from looking at the structures of different types of literature: from storybooks to bus timetables: “The way you navigate a timetable is very different to the way you read a short story” he comments. “I wanted to take these different types of visual navigation and introduce them to each other: a timetable re-ordering all the words from beauty and the beast, or a newspaper report on Snow White.” By imposing the visual rules of one style of writing to a different system of organizing language, Winston has created a visually arresting and verbally intriguing piece.” Paula Carson, Graphic Poetry. June 2005"

  3. Yes great link - and excellent work - all view here